Student's Book

The Jump Aboard Student's Book contains 111 full-colour pages which provide a fun and interesting approach. There is an exciting adventure story at the start of each unit, cross-curricular pages with a variety of subjects and a review unit after every two units giving children and teachers a chance to monitor progress and development.


The Jump Aboard Workbook has projects about the real world which tie in with the real world activity pages in the Student's Book. It also provides consolidation activities, projects, handwriting practice pages, a special phonics syllabus and a complete word list.

Teacher's Book

The Jump Aboard Teacher’s Book contains step-by-step procedures with full answer keys, plus a grammar reference section with photocopiable practice activities. Useful teaching techniques and information are also provided such as explaining how to correct student errors, when to use the Workbook, warm-up activities and helpful tips.

Grammar Practice Book

The Jump Aboard Grammar Practice Book provides 12 organised units along with a Review section after every two units which allows pupils to consolidate and develop knowledge. Designed to be tackled independently, either for homework or quiet time in the classroom, it provides children with the opportunity to reinforce material learnt.

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