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Learning Lands is a six-level primary course which improves students’ social-emotional skills, prepares them for exam success and unlocks their full potential to flourish and confidently communicate in English.
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Robust vocabulary and grammar practice alongside plenty of exam practice sections ensure that pupils have a solid foundation in English and are prepared for exam success. With a strong focus on wellbeing and inclusivity, Learning Lands nurtures both academic success and personal wellbeing and growth.


A land of real communication

Pupils become confident and competent speakers of English through solid grammar and vocabulary practice, and opportunities to use the language in carefully structured speaking activities. 

A land of exam success

Exam practice sections, exam tips, full exam practice papers and mock exam speaking videos ensure that students are fully prepared for exam success. 

A land of multiliteracies

With the complete multiliteracy skills syllabus pupils learn how to select, process, understand and respond to information in English, in any format. 

A land of wellbeing

A strong focus on wellbeing empowers pupils to understand, manage and talk about their emotions in English, making the learning experience more enjoyable and more effective.

A land of global citizenship

A global focus and collaborative project work helps teachers to develop young learners' awareness and skills so they can make a difference in their communities and in the world.

Levels & Samples


Learning Lands has a comprehensive video programme, from music videos with catchy songs and dance moves to animated stories, real-world communication videos, documentaries and vlog-style videos. Not forgetting mindfulness videos which help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a calmer and more enjoyable learning journey.



Navio is a digital platform which provides teachers with a seamless transition between the coursebook and digital activities. It also makes learning more engaging for young learners who achieve rewards by completing game-based language activities.

Pupil's Book with Digital Pupil's Book and Navio App

This blended solution consists of the print Pupil’s Book and Digital Pupil's Book with interactive activities as well as course audio and video. The Navio App with additional gamified practice encourages repetition of activities, leading to better language acquisition

Digital Pupil's Book with Digital Activity Book and Navio App

This fully digital solution enables teachers to take teaching online instantly and confidently. It provides access to Digital Pupil’s Book, Digital Activity Book and Navio App.

Activity Book with Digital Activity Book

With this blended solution of the print and digital version of the Activity Book consolidating the language and concepts introduced in the Pupil’s Book,  learners can practise online or in the classroom.

Teacher's Book with Teacher's App

The Teacher's Book is interleaved with the pages of the Pupil's Book. It includes carefully structured lesson plans, detailed teaching notes and teaching tips. The Teacher's App provides access to the Classroom Presentation Kit and Teacher's Resource Center with additional, downloadable teaching and learning materials.

Digital Teacher's Book with Teacher's App

The Digital version of the Teacher’s Book helps to save time with teaching notes for each lesson. The App allows teachers to see the scores that their students have achieved on digital activities from across the different components of the course. It provides access to the Classroom Presentation Kit, the Digital Workbook, the Wellness eBook, the Teacher’s Resource, the ePlanner and the Navio App.


Learning Lands comes with the Student’s app on Navio. The immersive 3D worlds on this digital platform offer students a highly motivating way to practice and review their language, in class or at home. Learners receive immediate feedback on their progress and a fun reward system encourages them to complete the game-based activities.


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Co-Author Insights: A journey through Learning Lands with Alison Blair

Explore Learning Lands through the eyes of Alison and discover the special ingredients that make this course extraordinary!

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