Pupil's Book Pack

The Pupil’s Book includes the best of both worlds; a thorough approach to scientific content and method integrated with English Language Teaching techniques such as stories, songs and raps that are proven to facilitate the acquisition of content and concepts.

Activity Book Pack

The Activity Book offers a range of engaging exercises to consolidate and extend the topics covered in the Pupil’s Book. It also provides pupils with additional reading and writing practice of the science content. 

Teacher's Book

The Teacher’s Notes contain lesson plans which provide easy to follow instructions for carrying out the activities and suggest ways in which to generate discussion or stimulate interest and investigation amongst the students. Useful ideas and support is also included, along with CLIL methodology and classroom management sections.


A pack of 120 full-colour illustrated and photographic flashcards are ideal for presenting and revising Science topics and content in an interactive and fun way.


There are 12 Posters within the pack, with each poster representing a unit from the Pupil’s Book. The Posters are ideal for providing a visual reference and reinforcing the content of each unit.

Digital Resources Pack

The Digital Resources Pack contains a CD-ROM which is designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard; Slide presentations which use high quality photos and graphics that allow the pupils to visualise and contextualise Science, History and Geography concepts; Interactive posters; Animations which demonstrate a variety of concepts; Simulations which demonstrate key concepts; and Digital versions of the Pupil's and Activity Books.

Presentation Kit

The Macmillan Next Move Presentation Kit is an engaging and convenient resource for the modern classroom. The DVD-ROM contains projectable page-faithful versions of the Pupil’s Book with embedded class audio and answer keys. In addition, it contains five Culture Videos, an Interactive Glossary and accompanying Teacher’s Notes and Worksheets.

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