Student Book + eBook Pack

The Student’s Book Pack takes children on a journey of discovery while learning English, introducing them to different countries on the way. The book has activities, songs, games and fiction reading to keep the children engaged. The DVD-ROM contains interactivities and videos, while the eBook provides an electronic version of the Student's Book.


The Next Move Workbook provides extra written and more independent practice of the key vocabulary and grammar learnt in the Student’s Book. The book contains fun and engaging activities that keep the children interested. A Progress Record is included to consolidate grammar and vocabulary and track student progress.

Teacher's Edition + eBook Pack

The Teacher's Book Pack provides step-by-step notes that support in setting lesson objectives, introducing new target vocabulary and grammar, recycling language and Blended Teaching tips. The Teacher’s Resource Centre provides access to a wealth of extra material. The eBook is page-faithful to the print Student's Book and has interactive audio.

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