Story Magic

Learn English with magical stories and adventures

Story Magic is a four-level primary course aimed at children aged eight to twelve. The Story Magic course uses a story-based approach to language learning, supported by large full-colour story cards. In Story Magic 1 and 2 pupils share stories and learn with Max the Wizard and the Little Detectives. Levels 3 and 4 take a more mature approach with more attention given to reading and writing. Pupils taking levels 3 and 4 will follow the adventures of a gang of young detectives as they solve mysteries and go on exciting adventures together. Story Magic can be combined with Mini Magic to create a course perfect for younger beginners.

Key features

  • Stories following Max the Wizard and the Little Detectives create a link between fantasy and the real world
  • A picture dictionary with stickers in the Pupil’s Book
  • A carefully graded communicative syllabus builds on the English learnt in previous levels
  • Fact files full of interesting information
  • Includes IWB material

Pupil's Book

The Story Magic 1 Pupil’s Book is a full-colour, lively 63 page book which consists of an introductory unit, eight main units and a revision unit at the end of the course. The Pupil’s Book also contains stories, songs, language development activities, craft activities, games, a phonic awareness activity and a comic strip.

Activity Book

The Activity Book activities reinforce the langauge learned in the Pupil's Book and extend the use of the new language into the different skill areas. Pupils colour, draw, match, complete simple sentences and conduct class surveys. Many of the activities require the pupils to use oral communication in order to complete the tasks.

Teacher's Book

The teaching notes in the Story Magic 1 Teacher's Book include different elements to facilitate day-to-day classroom management as well as detailed notes for fully exploiting each activity from the pupil's materials. This book offers perfect support for teachers and provides useful suggestions and tips.