Super Seek and Find

Super Seek and Find is a 5-level storytelling driven course with rich illustrations, songs and activities to enliven your classes and prepare your students with skills for the 21st century.

Super Seek and Find maintains the essential ingredients of the first edition of Seek and Find while adding fresh creative ideas to make the course even more practical and fun. We have brought together a talented team of authors, artists and musicians to create a dynamic, thoughtful, fresh and fun series that grows with our students.

Key features

  • Storytelling as a driving force for the learning process
  • Each book illustrated by a different award-winning artist
  • Dynamic and reflective Life Skills pages that encourage personal growth
  • CLIL pages connected to the greater academic life of each learner
  • Scratch off activities (for levels 1-3)
  • Interactive glossary at the end of each book
  • Digital components, including the Digital Student’s Book and the Super Seek and Find app, animated unit openings, games and activities for the Virtual Reality cardboard glasse

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