We Are Heroes!

Life skills for the real world.

We Are Heroes! is a new 6-level primary course which has real world communication at its core. Engaging characters and stories provide authentic contexts for  ommunication and an integrated life skills syllabus helps foster critical and creative thinking.

The whole series offers engaging real-world content and tasks, tailored to the needs and maturity of children, and helps them to progressively gain communicative competence. An emphasis on the development of life skills, presented in a child-friendly way, encourages pupils to reflect and apply the skills to their own lives.

Key features

  • Engaging real-world content and tasks, tailored to the needs and maturity of pupils, help them to progressively gain communicative competence.
  • Life Skills lessons with reading, writing, listening and speaking activities ensure that pupils develop both receptive and productive skills in parallel, as in real life.
  • Throughout the course, thinking skills activities are used to develop pupils’ ability tothink critically and creatively.
  • Tips and accommodations for Special Education Needs allow all pupils to learn in the best possible way.

Learn more about the series: video promo of the series

Pupil’s Book + eBook

The Pupil’s Book brings plenty of additional material: Season pages, Picture Dictionary and ‘Heroes Reading Club’ (Levels 1 & 2); Festival pages, and Reading and Grammar Extension pages (Levels 3 & 4); Festival pages, Thinking Skills pages, a final Project (‘Heroes Project’) and ‘Song Bank’. The Pupil’s Book also brings a code to access the eBook, which includes embedded audios and videos, as well as the Workbook. The same code provides access to the Pupil’s Resource Centre, with photocopiable material which parents can print at home for students to take to class.


Each page of the Workbook offers an activity for fast finishers to save teachers’ thinking and preparation time. The Workbook also brings plenty of additional material: ‘Heroes Reading Club’ mini-books (in Levels 1 & 2); Communication Tasks, Reading Extension activities and Functional Language pages (in Levels 3 & 4); Grammar Reinforcement and Extra Reading activities, and Study Skills pages (in Levels 5 & 6) and Review pages with international exam-type activities (in all levels).

Teacher’s Book pack

Packs for Levels 1–3 include the Visual Aids Booklet. The Teacher’s Book brings a code to access the eBook, with embedded audios and videos, as well as the Workbook, the digital Teacher’s Book and the Teacher’s Resource Centre There is an additional code in the Teacher’s Book that provides access to the Test Generator with ready-made tests (the same in the Teacher’s Resource Centre) and activities for teachers to create their own tests on PDF, so teachers can provide optimal support to their students

Macmillan Digital 

Digital resources are available for teachers and pupils at http://digital.macmillan.com.ar: 

Teacher’s Resource Centre with tests, downloadable audio animated stories (Levels 1 & 2), unit videos (Levels 3 to 6) digital flashcards (Levels 1 to 3), photocopiable material, worksheets and resources adapted for Students with Special Education Needs.

Pupil’s Book eBook enriched with audio, animations and videos, and navigation tools. It is compatible with all devices and available online on our Biblioteca online or offline on our Macmillan Digital app, and allow the teacher to present the material to the class in a well-balanced way.

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