Volcanoes / The Legend of Batok Volcano

The Macmillan Children’s Readers Level 5 will capture a child’s interest in reading and learning English with fun and informative subject matter. The wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles provides reinforcement of basic structures and vocabulary and can be used alongside any primary course. Accompanying audio is available for each title.

  • ISBN: 9781380037824
  • English Type: British English
Volcanoes_Sample (PDF File, 4.33MB) Volcanoes_Exercises (PDF File, 293.23KB) Volcanoes__The_Legend_of_Batok_Volcano_Worksheet (PDF File, 1.06MB) Volcanoes__The_Legend_of_Batok_Answer_Key (PDF File, 89.38KB) The_Legend_of_Batok_Volcano_Audio (MP3 File, 17.32MB) Volcanoes_Audio (MP3 File, 16.41MB)

Key features

  • Can be used as supplementary reading material with any primary course
  • Activities pages and bilingual dictionary can be found at the back of each reader
  • Audio and worksheets accompany the book and are available to download for free from www.macmillanyoungleaners.com/readers
  • Audio CD also available for this title
  • Full-colour book with beautiful illustrations