Macmillan Readers: River God

River God is an adapted Intermediate level reader written by Wilbur Smith. Taita is a slave owned by Intef, the cruel and greedy Governor of Upper Egypt. Intef wants his beautiful daughter, Lostris, to marry Pharaoh Mamose, an old and weak-willed king. But Lostris is in love with Tanus, a handsome and ambitious commander in the Pharaoh’s army.

  • ISBN: 9781405073059
  • English Type: British English
Wilbur-Smith-Author-Data-Sheet (PDF File, 83.04KB) River-God-points-for-Understanding-Answer-Key (PDF File, 56.17KB) River-God-Worksheet (PDF File, 299.08KB) River_God_Worksheet_Answer_Key (PDF File, 28.38KB) River_God_Test_Sheet (PDF File, 71.72KB) River_God_Test_Answer_Key (PDF File, 45.02KB)

Key features

  • Carefully controlled information, structure and vocabulary
  • Glossary at the back of the book explains some of the difficult words and phrases
  • The book has around 1600 basic words for Intermediate-level students
  • Points for Understanding section