Macmillan Readers: Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories without CD

  • ISBN: 9780230035126
  • English Type: British English
Room-13-Points-for-Understanding-Answer-Key (PDF File, 138.73KB) Room-13-Exercises-Answers-Key (PDF File, 125.28KB) Room-13-Worksheet (PDF File, 158.27KB) Room_13_and_Other_Ghost_Stories_Worksheet_Answer_Key (PDF File, 33.65KB) Room-13-Test (PDF File, 46.73KB) Room-13-Test-Answer-Key (PDF File, 37.49KB)

Key features

  • Carefully controlled information, structure and vocabulary
  • Some difficult words and phrases are explained with pictures
  • The book has around 1100 basic words for Elementary-level students
  • Free resources including worksheets, tests and author data sheets