Macmillan Readers: The Black Cat with audiobook

The Black Cat is an Elementary-level detective story set in Egypt. Salahadin El Nur is an inspector in the Antiquities Department of the Egyptian Police. After discovering the murder of a visiting European Archaeologists, Salahadin’s investigations lead him to a missing statuette. Soon he is on the trail of some international smugglers.

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  • ISBN: 9780230029231
  • English Type: British English
The-Black-Cat-points-for-understanding-anwser-key (PDF File, 143.41KB) The-Black-Cat-exercises-Answer-Key (PDF File, 63.3KB) The-Black-Cat-Wordlist (DOC File, 103KB) The-Black-Cat-wordlist-Answer-Key (DOC File, 46.5KB) The-Black-Cat-Worksheet (PDF File, 70.56KB) The_Black_Cat_Worksheet_Answer_Key (PDF File, 27.7KB) The_Black_Cat_-_Test_Sheet (PDF File, 33.68KB) The_Black_Cat_Test_Answer_Key (PDF File, 34.68KB)

Key features

  • Carefully controlled information, structure and vocabulary
  • Some difficult words and phrases are explained with pictures
  • The book has around 1100 basic words for Elementary-level students
  • Free resources including worksheets, tests and author data sheets