Macmillan Readers: The House on the Hill with audiobook

Macmillan Readers series is one of the most popular simplified readers for learners of English. The information is controlled, with pictures explaining some difficult vocabulary. This book for Beginner-level students explains how Paul wants to marry a rich lady called Maria but doesn’t think he will be able to if he remains poor.

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  • ISBN: 9780230035041
  • English Type: British English
The_House_on_the_Hill_Worksheet (PDF File, 218.98KB) The_House_on_the_Hill_-_Worksheet_Answer_Key (PDF File, 134.81KB) The_House_on_the_Hill_-_Test_Sheet (PDF File, 60.24KB) The_House_on_the_Hill_-_Test_Answer_Key (PDF File, 41.92KB)

Key features

  • Carefully controlled information, structure and vocabulary
  • Some difficult words and phrases are explained with pictures
  • The book has around 600 basic words for Beginner-level students
  • Free resources including worksheets, tests and author data sheets