Macmillan Readers: The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is an adapted Intermediate level reader written by William Shakespeare. In this classic Shakespeare story, Shylock lends money to a merchant called Antonio and when Antonio cannot pay him back, Shylock demands a terrible punishment. Written as a playscript and includes extracts from the original novel.

  • ISBN: 9780230716643
  • English Type: British English
The-Merchant-of-Venice-Sample-Chapter (PDF File, 46.75KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Points-for-Understanding-Answer-Key (PDF File, 74.95KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Exercises-Answer-keys (PDF File, 79.53KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Worksheet (PDF File, 506.11KB) The-Merchant_of_Venice_Worksheet-Answer-key (PDF File, 47.05KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Test-Sheet (PDF File, 48.15KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Test-Answer-Key (PDF File, 44.21KB) LessonPlan_Merchant_Student-Worksheet (PDF File, 274.55KB) LessonPlan_Merchant_Teacher_s-Notes (PDF File, 579.06KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Cast-List-Infographic (PDF File, 773.49KB) The-Merchant-of-Venice-Infographic (PDF File, 773.49KB)

Key features

  • Carefully controlled information, structure and vocabulary
  • Glossary at the back of the book explains some of the difficult words and phrases
  • The book has around 1600 basic words for Intermediate-level students
  • Points for Understanding section and Exercises contained within the back of the book
  • Free resources including worksheets, tests and author data sheets
  • Available as an eBook