Macmillan Readers: The Red and the Black

The Red and the Black is an adapted Intermediate level reader written by Stendhal. The story is about a young man, Juilen Sorel, who is torn apart by the two sides to his personality, the ‘red’ and the ‘black’. Having love affairs with Madame de Renal and Mathilde, Sorel tries to gain wealth and social standing with fatal results.

  • ISBN: 9781405074582
  • English Type: British English
The-Red-And-Black-Points-for-Understanding-Answer-key (PDF File, 81.97KB) The-Red-And-Black-Worksheet (PDF File, 400.84KB) The-Red-and-the-Black-Worksheet-Answer-Key (PDF File, 68.44KB) The-Red-and-the-Black-Test-Sheet (PDF File, 64.23KB) The-Red-and-the-Black-Test-Answer-Key (PDF File, 45.18KB)

Key features

  • Carefully controlled information, structure and vocabulary
  • Glossary at the back of the book explains some of the difficult words and phrases
  • The book has around 1600 basic words for Intermediate-level students
  • Points for Understanding section