Macmillan English Campus

The online platform that supports teachers, encourages students and facilitates learning both in and out of the classroom. 
Macmillan English Campus is THE English language learning platform for teenage, adult and professional students. Adapt the content to your curriculum, integrate it with your current course and even brand it with your own logo. Whichever option you choose, Macmillan English Campus has never been more flexible or easier to use. 

Over 4,000 activities at your fingertips

Get access to 65 pre-built courses and 4,200 carefully graded activities that will allow your students to practise all their language skills, whatever their level of English or area of interest. 

Enhance both learning and teaching 

The huge variety of material, including videos and real news items make the learning process memorable for your students whilst the simple course-building tools, secure messaging system and automatic marking offer you a flexible learning environment that you can then personalise to suit your students’ needs. 

Testing and feedback made easy

Use the in-built Placement Test to ensure your students are always learning at the right pace. Check their progress with over 100 ready-made tests or choose from thousands of activities to create your own customised ones. See all the scores in one place and provide feedback to your students quickly and easily, directly through the platform.