Beijing's "Emotional Exploration Playground"

Embracing our emotions is a journey, but it's not always a straightforward path to self-awareness and expression. On a special weekend in Beijing, Suzan SuGina LiFlora JhuangYoyo Wang and her adorable daughter, Emma, along with 22 resilient migrant children from Evergreen, embarked on a heartwarming adventure of emotional exploration guided by the caring hands of Wellies from Learning Well.

We collaborate with Evergreen, a Beijing-based nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives and education of underprivileged children in China. Our mission was simple yet profound: to help these incredible young souls understand and share their emotions.

Our little participants, aged between 6 and 13, were a mix of different personalities, from the shy to the very enthusiastic, and from the healthy to those facing challenges. To break the ice, each child selected their name card color matching the age on their "heart tag." It was a colorful start to a day filled with emotions.

The adventure started with an uplifting song from Learning Well, setting the tone for a day of exploration. We introduced the children to a dozen emotions, and guided games like "Four Corners" and "What's Missing?" added variety and excitement to the process.

Then, in small groups led by dedicated teaching assistants, the children practiced and reviewed these emotions using flashcards, finding creative ways to remember the words and their accompanying gestures.

There was a group competition at the end of this 90-minute journey – "Acting out the Emotion and Guess." In the spirit of inclusion, we encouraged our young participants to join teams with different heart tag colors. Team "Proud" under Yoyo's leadership, Team "Excited Chips" led by Suzan, and Team "Mixed Feelings" guided by Gina came together with boundless enthusiasm. All teams eagerly and enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

The champions emerged from Yoyo's group. Their happiness spread to everyone as they proudly took their prize, a Macmillan mug decorated with the Wellies logos. It showed how motivation can make learning exciting.

As the clock ticked away, 90 minutes felt like mere moments, and we came to the end of our adventure. But there was one more surprise in store – we gifted each child a book, nurturing their love for English and fostering a lifelong passion for learning. 

After coming back from the "Emotional Exploration Playground", each team member shared their reflections.
Flora Jhuang is pleasantly surprised by the children's enthusiasm and positive learning attitudes.
Suzan Su is very energetic when she discovered a newfound passion for teaching and guiding.
Yoyo Wang is excited, not only as the leader of the winning team but also for the bright futures that await these remarkable children.
Gina Li feels immense proud – in our company, our team, these resilient children, and most importantly, in herself for helping these children understand the beauty of embracing both positive and negative emotions.

The "Emotional Exploration Playground" wasn't just a day of giving back; it was a day of kindling a spark of passion in the hearts of these incredible children. Together, we embarked on a journey of emotions, and in the process, we all discovered a little more about ourselves and the amazing world around us.