Continue to use your course from home

Our ELT courses come as a blended package of print materials and digital components for presentation, practice and self-study, and are accompanied by videos and other resources available for both teachers and students via resource centres. 

So teachers can continue using their regular English course book while teaching from home, we are making many of these resources available for free and online, so they can be easily accessed by both teachers and students.

Access to Course Books:

For many of the courses you are teaching right now, we are making units available for you and your students to view online. We are adding more courses on a regular basis, please check daily for updates.

Course list

Very Young Learners: Doodle Town, Bebop, Ferris Wheel, Hats On Top

Young Learners: Give Me Five!, Academy Stars, Story Central

Teenagers: Gateway Second Edition, Optimise, Beyond, Go Beyond, Laser

Adults and Young Adults: Skillful Second Edition 

If you can’t find the unit you are currently teaching in this list, please contact your local representative. If you are a student, and can’t find the unit you are currently using, please contact your teacher.

Access to Digital Components:

Follow these simple steps and start delivering lessons remotely right away.  

Step 1 

Check what digital components are available for the course you are using, and how to access them
Adult, Exams and Business English 

Step 2 

Access digital components for your course
If there are digital components that you or your students don’t have access to, we will make them available for you and your students for free for the next 6 months, until the end of September 2020. This includes access to Student eBooks and Teacher/Classroom Presentation Kits where available.

Contact your local Macmillan representative to request access codes to additional digital components to the course you are teaching:

Click here