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An Essential Guide to Teaching Preschool Children

­♦May 06, 2021­♦

In this informal interview, Carol draws on her many years’ experience as a pre-school teacher and coursebook writer to discuss how to teach very young children successfully. Key issues addressed includes the role of stories, the importance of social and emotional learning, how to incorporate the development of creative and critical thinking, and how to manage classes of very young children effectively.

Wonderful! Really? The role of praise in teaching children

♦Apr 15, 2021♦

Most of us as educators, and also as parents, agree that praise can help to develop  children’s motivation and self-esteem. But does this mean the more praise children receive the better? In this practical webinar, Carol Read examines the role of praise when working with children. She exposes the pitfalls of praise and suggests when and how to use praise effectively to develop children’s positive self-beliefs and to manage your classes successfully.

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Fantasy and Reality in the Early Years

♦Feb 17, 2021♦

Is it fantasy or reality to teach English to pre-school children effectively? In this webinar, Carol Read discusses the role of fantasy and reality in Early Years’ English programmes and the benefits of including a balance of both. She shares practical ideas, based on a variety of imaginary, real-world and blended contexts, which integrate children’s emerging linguistic abilities with their overall development in a holistic and engaging way.

Child’s play? The role of play and games in teaching preschool children

♦Apr 19,2020♦

What’s the difference between play and games? How do play and games contribute to young children’s language learning and overall development? And can they be as easy as ‘child’s play’ to set up and manage with large classes of exuberant, little people embarking on learning English for the first time? In this webinar, Carol Read explores all these questions and looks at a range of practical ideas and strategies to make the most of play and games for enjoyable and successful learning in the preschool years.

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How to survive and thrive as a language teacher of children

♦Oct 02, 2019♦

Teaching children can be stressful and exhausting and it’s not always easy to keep focussed on why we love our jobs so much! In this webinar, we’ll explore the role of teacher and children’s wellbeing in creating a positive and effective climate for learning. We’ll also look at a range of practical ideas and strategies to keep motivation high and allow teaching and learning to flourish.

Social and emotional learning in the early years 

♦May 14,2019♦

Carol Read has over 30 years’ experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager, materials writer and educational consultant. Her main specialization is in early years and primary English language education. Carol’s publications include award-winning titles such as 500 Activities in the Primary Classroom and Tiger Time.

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