Macmillan Education Winter Fair 2023

The Macmillan Education Winter Fair returns... for a special event looking at the history of English, literature and teaching from 3 masters of their craft!

Join David Crystal, Ben Crystal and Chia Suan Chong for a 2-part event (90 minutes) that looks at what books have influenced English, how it is performed and how ancient teaching approaches can be brought back to life!

The event will take place live 3 times on Tuesday 12th December
at 10am, 2pm, and 9:30pm UK Time.

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Event details

  • 180 Years of New Vocabulary

    Literary authors have played a major role in shaping the vocabulary of English. In this talk David Crystal picks out some of the words from authors published by Macmillan that have since entered the language during its 180 years, and Ben Crystal reads extracts illustrating them. They'll also talk about how to use ideas about word formation and literary extracts in the classroom. Beware, there are also some surprises.

  • Bringing Ancient Communication to the Modern Age

    For a long time, rhetoric – the art of persuasion - was taught at universities. How is the teaching of rhetoric and the art of ‘influencing’ relevant to our students of today? Perhaps the different interpretations of rhetoric throughout history might give us a clue!


After the event all attendees will be able to access:

Personalised certificate

Free teaching resources

Session recording

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