We are immensely proud to bring you a roster of some of the best ELT professionals from around the world. Here they are, in all their glory!



Chaz Pugliese is a lecturer, author, speaker and teacher trainer. Chaz is currently Director of Education and Teacher Training at Pilgrims Global, working out of Ireland and France.
With over 30 years’ experience in the field of Foreign Language Teaching, Chaz has taught in five countries, and has trained teachers in as many as 35 countries all over the world. His publications include: ‘Being Creative’ (Delta, 2010), ‘Principled Communicative Teaching’ (with J. Arnold and Z. Dörnyei, Helbling, 2015) and ‘Creating Motivation’ (Helbling, 2017). Research interests: psychology in the learning process, creativity, motivational issues and the role of emotions in the learning process.




Kateryna Protsenko is Head of Tutoring at Promova, a one-stop solution for all language learning needs. Having been in English language teaching for over 15 years, Kate has worked as a Cambridge CELTA / Delta trainer, materials writer, manager for several language learning organizations, and has co-authored an exam preparation coursebook. Kate is passionate about learning and teaching, loves a good challenge, and is constantly looking for ways to expand her horizons and pick up new ideas from various industries.



Lorena Peimbert studied Pedagogy at the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City and became an English teacher in 1995, specializing in early childhood stimulation, learning disabilities, psychomotor skills, and logical-mathematical thinking. With more than 20 years of experience in teaching and working in schools, she now trains and coaches teachers, content edits, manages educational projects, and writes in collaboration with Macmillan. She has written different books to teach English to students in different levels from preschool to high school. Her mission is for educators and students to become the best version of themselves..



Luisa Zenteno Bórquez has been an English Teacher for over 20 years. She holds the COTE – ICELT from the University of Cambridge and the TEFL from the University of Dayton, Ohio, among other certificates and diplomas. She has taught all levels of English to children, teenagers and adults, as well as courses for teachers. Luisa has been an Academic Consultant since 2008 and is in charge of providing academic support to English teachers by delivering workshops, seminars and training related to ELT. In the present, she works with teenagers as an English teacher and prepares them for international exams.




Mark Ormerod is a teacher and teacher trainer specialising in primary education. He uses mini-dialogues and drama in the EFL classroom to help children develop confidence and language skills.  He is the co-author of the award-winning series, Tiger (with Carol Read), We are heroes! (with Emma Mohamed) and Macmillan Education’s new primary course, Curious Kids! (with Donna Shaw).



Harry Waters has been involved in English teaching for over 14 years. His passion for teaching and obsession with the planet led him to create Renewable English, an online English course, providing free classes and materials aimed at raising climate change awareness across the globe. Harry is also a passionate teacher trainer. He describes himself as an imperfect environmentalist with a love of flags and funky second-hand shirts.