Educators play a key role in shaping the minds of their learners and the materials they use in class play an important part in this process.  Appropriate resources should provide an educational context which allow students to evaluate their attitudes to the world and content that equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitude they need to become active global citizens.  

To translate this theory into practice and ensure that Macmillan Education materials provide both appropriate context and content, we have worked closely with experts in Global Citizenship Education and ELT to create the Global Citizenship Framework

The Framework is built on the three themes of 

  • Global Knowledge,
  • Global Attitudes and Actions,
  • Global Skills.

It provides measurable learning outcomes for each theme, adjusted to suit the four different age groups (pre-primary, primary, secondary and young adult).
It is now the blueprint for our publishing.

The following is an example of how one of our courses, Learning Well, incorporates the Global Citizenship Framework, with its domains, standards and learning outcomes.