Earth Day

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ELT resources on the environment

April 22nd marks the annual celebration of Earth Day, a global movement dedicated to promoting concern for the environment and the world around us. 

To celebrate, we've collected a dedicated infographic and a selection of activities and lesson plans to help you celebrate Earth Day in your ELT classroom.

Next Move: Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with this sample lesson from Next Move, featuring practical activities to help children understand different aspects of nature. 

For more related resources, visit our Young Learner Life skills page.

Next Move: Sample Lesson


Teach your students all about the world we live in with a selection of CLIL resources for young learners all about the cities, countries and continents of our planet.

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Earthy Idioms Infographic

Are you a down to earth person? Have you ever had an earth-shatteringexperience? Brush up your worldly vocabulary with this Macmillan Dictionary infographic dedicated to idioms all about Mother Earth

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