Beyond for Switzerland


Beyond for Switzerland is a 4-level course for teenagers based on a detailed mapping onto the Swiss Lehrplan 21 as well as the CEFR and international exams. Beyond’s unique combination of language skills, life skills and a modern digital learning environment prepares students for success in the 21st century classroom and beyond.

Secondary teaching is a rewarding but demanding profession. With this course we have aimed to make your role as a teacher as easy as possible, with material that is  clearly organised and can be taught with littlle or no preparation time. We have also provided resources to help you with mixed-ability clases, test and evaluate progress and review material. Having enthusiastic students also makes the teaching role easier, so we made sure that the material has a creative and dynamic approach to topics which motivates students and makes language learning more meaningful and successful. Beyond provides constant opportunities for students to express themselves, while the pages are brought to life through a series of specially produced videos. Throughout the course, language and competencies are recycled and reviewed, allowing students to Access and consolidate their progress.  

Key features

  • Fulfils the Swiss Lehrplan 21 requirements and meets other local needs
  • Has a Content-led, task-based syllabus - Engages, motivates and inspires through age-appropriate topics, relevant content and real-life tasks and projects
  • Integrates a comprehensive subskill syllabus - Systematically develops transferable language competencies and learning strategies
  • The integrated Life Skills lessons equip students with valuable skills for life beyond the classroom
  • Offers a unique 21st century digital learning environment for students and teaching experience for teachers
  • Develops language learning awareness and supports multilingualism 
  • Raises cultural awareness and encourages cultural comparison
  • Caters for differentiations in the streamed Swiss secondary system and in the mixed-ability  classroom
  • Takes different learning styles into account and promotes learner autonomy
  • Features personalisation and develops critical thinking  

Student’s Book

The Student’s Book offers 10 topic-based units and 5 additional projects. Striking images, real life tasks, lots of audio recordings and two different strands of videos per unit add dynamism, richness and variety to the material. After every two units there is a skilled-based Progress Check to consolidate the competencies covered in the previous units and to familiarise them with official English exam-style tasks.


The Workbook exercises re-contextualise, review and recycle the target language and competencies from the corresponding lesson pages of the Student’s Book and offer comprehensive practice for homework and class use. Exercises are graded into 3 different difficulty levels to help with differentiation in the classroom.

Via a code in the Workbook, students can access the Beyond Student’s App that provides them with extra exposure to the target language and opportunities for class preparation or consolidation. On mobile and tablet devices students can use the App in class, at home or on-the-go.

Teacher’s book

The Teacher’s Book is a highly valuable and practical resource. With its clear and comprehensive teaching notes, answer keys, scripts and extra features, it will help you plan and deliver impactful, well-paced and memorable lessons. Useful and interesting background information on specific lesson topics is provided to save preparation time and to help with the presentation of the content.

Via a code in the Teacher’s book, teachers can access the Beyond Teacher’s App where you can find all you need in one place – a presentation and class management tool, a test generator and an online resource centre.

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