Von Anfang an macht das Lehrmittel einen einladenden, motivierenden und interessanten Eindruck. Farbige Bilder, klare Strukturen (picture, reading, grammar, listening, speaking, culture) begleiten einen durch jede gut durchdachte Unit.

Die SuS arbeiten mit Freude mit, weil sie die Strukturen auch brauchen und mögen, und weil es sehr abwechslungsreich ist. Vor allem aber sind die Themen, die behandelt werden, sehr nahe am Schüler:innen-Alltag. Diese Themen mit dem dazu gehörenden Wortschatz sind genau das Richtige.

Begleitend dazu findet die LP auf macmillan online viele Möglichkeiten, Tests zusammenzustellen, wordlists auszudrucken usw. Ich freue mich schon auf den in-house-Kurs, bei dem ich noch vertieft Infos über die Anwendungen für LP erhalten werde.

Der ganze Aufbau von «Beyond» gefällt mir und ist nach vielen Jahren Englisch-Unterricht das Beste, das ich je angewendet habe! Vielen Dank!”

Denise Adam, Sekundarschule Grenchen (SO)

 “My students really love the modern themes of the book and the work with the online material. They enjoy the many listening and speaking opportunities in each unit. I appreciate the different levels in the workbook which are indicated by chevrons. My students know which exercises they have to do, and which are optional. Working with Beyond makes work according to LP21 much easier as every child can work at their own pace and at what they are most interested in. The faster students have plenty of extra material which is excellent and the lower ability students don’t feel overwhelmed by the massive texts the previously used course book had.”

Birgit Palmer, Sekundarschule Hubersdorf (SO)

“Beyond for Switzerland is great as there are interesting topics with colourful pictures, useful learning strategies as well as educational tasks which make fun. The students can use the app and therefore do not have to carry many books around. The online resource centre for teachers has a selection of extra material (e.g., wordlists, videos, life skills worksheets and even a Test Generator) which is very helpful. Furthermore, we immensely appreciate that all skills are clearly structed, and you can find all unit aims and competences based onto the Swiss Lehrplan 21 in the teacher’s book. This is extremely valuable for preparing lessons and exams. The students can get plenty of possibilities to deepen the theory using the workbook either at school or for homework.  We are all happy that we have chosen Beyond for Switzerland.”

Ornella Mercoli and team, Oberstufenschulhaus Oberentfelden (AG)

 “The best thing about this material is that the workbook is clearly more than just an afterthought. The tasks are well-planned and cover all competences - from listening, to writing, to reading and speaking - without neglecting the grammar. The coursebook also feels very current, and while I needed some time to get used to it, my students jumped right in. Possibly a perfect layout for the TikTok generation.”

Roxane Barbey, Sekundarschule Grenchen (SO)

“The most striking difference from our previous course book to Beyond for Switzerland are the digital possibilities because all our students have got their own school tablet computers. Beyond for Switzerland has a complete digital access to all materials including videos and audios for each student. Students can therefore work completely on their own, if you wish to have them work like that. Work in class is also very easy because you can use the teacher’s digital version and work directly on your own computer linked to the beamer.

Working your way through the book looks difficult at the beginning because the pages are very colourful and it looks like a huge amount of different exercises all jumbled around on the pages, but that is not the case. The book guides you clearly through the steps and exercises. Every step is numbered and clear instructions are printed, when to change to the Workbook, when to use which extra resources or where to find vocabulary for a task.

In every lesson I can continue exactly where I stopped the last time. Even with a Sek-A class, this makes work easier. Yes, the book supplies too much information for Sek-A, but that is often the case with other courses, too. The setup of Beyond for Switzerland, with a page or a double page for each section of a unit makes skipping things a lot easier. Grammar sections are clearly marked and there are separate sections for listening, reading, speaking and grammar in each unit.

All in all, work with Beyond for Switzerland allows me a more relaxed approach to my classes and it is the first real digital course book which I have worked with. This greatly facilitates work for teachers and students.”

Thomas Hänzi, Sekundarschule de Wette (BS)

“The course provides well explained structures, good exercises and interesting as well as task-based project ideas, providing good learning opportunities for students”

Marius Füeg, Kreisschule Thal (SO)

“STARS are given for:

  • The units are very well structured
  • The composition and sequence of the units in the Student's books and workbooks are parallel, which helps the learners.
  • Many repetitions and a good variety of activities.
  • The learning aims are clearly visible and intelligible for the learners.
  • Skill tips and phrase book boxes are very useful.
  • The On the go app and online access for learners are a useful addition.
  • The reviews at the end of the units are great for the learner's self-assessment.
  • The Teacher's book is full of good ideas, especially the lesson starters are very helpful.
  • The online teacher's app is great to work with. We can quickly show the learners what's to be done.
  • The connection between LP21 and the learning aims (Teacher's book) is helpful.”

The English teachers, SeReal Schule Muri (AG)