Welcome to our new Teachers’ Wellness space. We have curated this playlist of on-demand webinars and practical resources to specifically support your well-being - and for you to return to as often as you like. 

Macmillan Education in partnership with Breathworks

Breathworks is an international mindfulness organisation that teaches the tools to help people live better with pain, illness and stress. It has been teaching mindfulness-based courses for 20 years, reaching over 100,000 individuals and qualifying over 600 mindfulness teachers in over 35 different countries. Breathworks is committed to making mindfulness accessible and inclusive to everyone and they have kindly given us access to some of their resources as part of our Back To School programme. 

Workplace Mindfulness Resources
A range of blogs, instructions and more to help strengthen your mindfulness practice at work


The Quiet Place
Three example meditations for when you need to take a quick breather or release some tension


Mindful Self-Care for Troubling Times
A free self-paced course to support you through these uncertain times


Macmillan Education on-demand webinars