Global Stage

Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Global Stage is a 6-level language and literacy course for young learners that helps them grow into competent speakers and writers of English, and caring, responsible citizens fully prepared to succeed on the global stage.

The course supports teachers in their efforts to equip children with the knowledge and skills which will empower them to succeed in the competitive world ahead. With Global Stage learners not only become competent and confident communicators in English but also systematically build Literacy, Self-Direction, Global Citizenship, Thinking and Social-Emotional skills which will enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Key features

  • A unique Dual Approach with two student books: Language Book and Literacy Book bringing together a rigorously benchmarked language learning syllabus with a diverse literacy programme ensures ample opportunities to present, practise and monitor language progress through a richer range of reading material with captivating artwork.
  • With dedicated writing and speaking lessons Global Stage nurtures children to become competent speakers and writers of English so they can confidently engage with subject areas across the curriculum.
  • Building on children’s natural inquisitiveness, the course content provides structured opportunities to develop their Thinking Skills and understanding of the world.
  • Drawing on the Assessment for Learning principles, the course encourages children to reflect on their own learning helping them to develop Self-Direction as a core skill allowing them to excel at the next stages of their education, career and life.
  • Tap & Teach lessons available via Teacher App in Navio help to reduce lesson preparation time while game-based language and literacy activities on Student App provide essential extra practice, extending learners’ contact with English outside the classroom.

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Navio is a next-generation digital platform that provides an enriched teaching and learning experience. Click here to learn more about Navio.

Literacy Book and Language Book with Navio App

The Students Book pack contains the Language Book, the Literacy Book and access codes to Navio. The Language Book and Literacy Book units are designed to provide a complete English language learning experience, bringing together a complete language program with a diverse and engaging literacy program.

 Teacher's Book with Navio App

Teachers book provides complete course information and detailed instructions for carrying out every activity. The teaching notes indicate to the teacher the additional support available through the Teachers App on Navio.

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