Teachers' Day Conference

In this webinar celebration of October’s Teachers’ Day, we lined up six presenters to give insights on these topics:

- Carol Read: How to survive and thrive as a Language teacher of children → Go to minute 00:00:01 to hear more about creating a positive and effective climate for learning while taking care of the teacher’s and children’s wellbeing.

- Emma Reynolds: Mindful or mind full? → Go to minute 00:59:05 to gain a better understanding of what stress is and how you can learn to calm the mind with simple techniques. It might just make you a little more skilful when dealing with life’s ups and downs.

- Amy Blanchard: Teaching English as a Foreign Language vs. English for Academic Purposes → Go to minute 01:59:13 to hear tips, advice and practical ideas for teachers who wish to move into teaching at university.

- Chia Suan Chong: Making the most of the Teacher’s Book → Go to minute 02:55:25 to learn more about how to better exploit the teacher’s book and use it to boost students' learning and save preparation time.

- Joanne Ramsden: Extending Literacy beyond the classroom → Go to minute 03:57:07 to explore positive strategies and demonstrate practical ideas to motivate your students through the use of real-world texts to extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

- Russell Stannard: Collaboration and sharing → Go to minute 05:11:18 to gain knowledge about some of the different levels of collaboration that can take place as well as some of the useful tools and approaches that can help to make collaboration work.

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