– whatever your teaching situation is,
Macmillan Education provides you with the right  
materials and service solutions to meet your needs. 

If you teach remotely or would like to add an online learning element to your face to face classes, we have reconfigured and enhanced our most popular courses with digital components, making them ready for any scenario.


  • Classic Print Books for use in the classroom or at home
  • Interactive Digital Student Books with customisable learning experience and compatible with your school platform
  • Flexible eBooks reflecting classic coursebook experience on the screen with embedded audio and video
  • Gamified Online Practice or Digital and Online Workbooks for self-study or homework  


  • Flexible Teacher’s eBooks for lesson preparation on the screen
  • Classroom Presentation Kit, projectable online and offline, with embedded audio and video
  • Online Practice or Online Workbooks with homework setting function and automatic marking and tracking
  • Test Generator to assess students’ progress
  • Teacher Resource Centre with extra activities and tips

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To help you take your teaching online instantly and confidently, we are providing free training webinars, instructional videos and blogs in our Distance Teaching and Learning Hub.

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